New Opening 30 March 2020
Closing 14 November 2020
Garda Palace Hotel - Lago di Garda, Gardone Riviera

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3 reasons to be unique

  • 3 reasons to be uniqueEVERYTHING YOU NEED

    We are not going to tell you about how luxurious the Garda Palace Hotel is. We are practical, and this establishment fully reflects our viewpoint. Its Liberty-style façade is the access point to spacious, attentively-designed indoor spaces.

    The rooms are cosy and have just the right amount of mod-cons.

    The breakfast selection is varied and will tickle everyone's taste-buds. The underground car park has enough space to house all our guests' cars.

    And then there's an outdoor pool and private wellness corner. We're convinced that we provide everything you could possibly need... we simply ask that you add the most important element you have, in order to enjoy it all.. your Time.
  • 3 reasons to be uniqueTIME FOR YOU

    We are well aware that you can find an abundance of rooms to stay in elsewhere. Maybe, even more beautiful. More spacious.
    We are not going to waste time talking about how one bed frame might be better than another.

    What we offer you here is Time.
    Time for yourselves. Time to do what you most enjoy. Time to take a break from your daily routine. Time to create memories to take home with you.
  • 3 reasons to be uniqueDEDICATED STAFF

    In our opinion, a small hotel can be a guarantee of great attention to detail. Attention to the rooms. To the common spaces. To the services. And especially, to You.
    Our staff doesn't have to manage an endless list of arrivals and departures, nor must it coordinate the smooth running of different departments. The most important task we give our staff is to take care of you during your stay here with us.
    Our whole staff is here for you, to make the Time you spend here unforgettable.
Panoramic view of Lake Garda
The Garda Palace Hotel is the special union of past and present.
The Liberty-style external façade perfectly contrasts with the contemporary style of the rooms and spacious indoor areas.
The hotel is a stone's throw from the breathtaking lakeside promenade of Gardone Riviera, a monumental citadel,
the former home of Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio and seat of the Vittoriale degli Italiani (The Shrine of Italian Victories).
It is in an excellent location and it provides all the comfort you need for a relaxing holiday or a brief getaway!

When we first entered this hotel, we tried to understand what could have made it unique.
This is why we're not going to focus on describing the breathtaking view of the lake or luxurious spaces.
We'd rather talk to you about what you can do when you're here.
What we offer you here is Time.
Time for yourselves. Time to do what you most enjoy. Time to take a break from your daily routine.

Start the day at a leisurely pace...
Open the windows, breathe in the lake breeze, have a relaxing bath.
Then join us on the ground floor and choose whatever food inspires you: sweet nibbles, savoury options... or don't choose at all -just have it all.
Breakfast is available everyday from 7am to noon - whether you are here for work purposes or other reasons, it doesn't matter.
What matters is you start your day when you are ready to... and the way you want to!

It's hard to leave a place you've enjoyed spending time. We've tried to soften the blow...
By making your room available until 11am the day you check out. But, if you wish to leave your luggage at reception
and use the hotel facilities a little longer, you are free to do so until 6pm.
You might want to spend a little longer in the wellness corner, or simply have a drink near the pool... take your time.
We are happy to take care of you for a little longer.